Karmic AIR Teacher Training

MAY 17th - 19th

Friday 1-9:30 /Saturday 2-9:30 /Sunday 12:30-4:30

$650 for Weekend Intensive: includes additional practice teaching and observing classes (TBA) and a training manual. Plus 20 CEU’s through Yoga Alliance.

Requirements for training is at least 200 Hr YT , and application.

Contact Kat Harmon of Karmic Aerial Training at for application and any questions.

Also Kelly Muller of The Yoga Cove Concord at

Aerial Yoga has become a fresh new way to experience your yoga practice. Using the hammock as a prop helps students experience weightless inversions, decompression of the spine, as well as alternative ways to strengthen the body, invite deeper flexibility, & work on balancing in a whole new way.In this training you will learn over 100 Aerial Asanas including: Opening warm ups, Sun salutations, Warrior series, Inversions, Backbends, Aerial tricks, & Deep stretches. Also included in this weekend intensive: how to safely guide students in and out of postures, how to assist and spot, safe rigging techniques, learning to flow, how to sequence a class, how to teach a children’s aerial class, and advice on purchasing personal equipment.

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6:30pm - 8:00pm

INSTRUCTORS: Ashlyn and Austin

Ashlyn and Austin will be leading you on an internal and external journey of your being.  They will guide you inside of yourself through an all levels chakra yoga flow with live sound.  The class will wrap up with a gentle restorative yoga flow including sound healing and a 15 minute savasana. 

THE BASICS: Feel the vibrations of crystal singing bowls, a gong, flutes, didjeridoo, drums, voice, and more.  Entering into a meditative state gives the body the opportunity to transcend the physical, mental and emotional limitations.  The tonal properties of these instruments promote healing of the nervous system, digestestive and metabolic systems, and of the physical body as the brainwaves slow down to meditative and restful states through a scientific process called entrainment. Sound therapy is highly effective at providing relief for chronic pain, digestive issues, insomnia, fibromyalgia, autoimmune disorders, heart disease, trauma, depression, anxiety and cancer treatment therapies..  The benefits of this therapy can be received regardless of the recipients ability to hear sound. 

Combining yoga and music will allow you to activate your inner widoam and your innate healing capacity.  You may gain insight, be inspired, release stress, quiet the mind, open the heart and encourage positive change!


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