Meet Your Teachers at TYC

Kelly Muller - Studio Director


The link between the mind and the body, the brilliant and amazing connection between the two, fascinates me!  I feel like my life has come full circle.  My experience as a school counselor, dance teacher, business owner/travel planner, wife and mom to 3 has led me here today. Being a yoga instructor to both children and adults is my passion that I am grateful I was able to pursue.  I've seen how yoga changes lives of all ages and am honored to be a part of your transformation! Bringing essential oils into my yoga practice has become a favorite of mine!  I also love learning about the fascia system and have experienced in my own body the great benefits that myofascial release and yoga can have! The beach is my happy place...My standup paddle board is close second, and everything having to do do with dance and Broadway ♥️♥️♥️ !

RYT 200 - Vinyasa Flow for ALL bodies

RCYT 95 - Grounded Kids Program

Level 1 Aerial Yoga Teacher

AFAA Group Fitness Instructor

Licensed School Counselor NC/ FL

Ashlyn Miller


Born and raised in Concord, NC, this is home and being able to bring yoga and holistic health to the local community is a dream. Ashlyn found yoga in 2013 while trying to combat the stress of being a full time student at WCU (graduated with B.S. & B.A.) and working part time. It quickly spiraled in to a journey that led her to do an intensive yoga teacher training in Southern Spain with Frog Lotus International, practicing Vinyasa yoga and studying the deep underlying meaning & philosophy of yoga that dates back thousands of years.  Currently working on her 300 hour yoga teacher training and going back to school for Ayurveda, she is passionate about giving others the tools to heal themselves through a more holistic approach.  Ayurveda, yoga’s sister science is her other love and involves working with nutrition, daily habits & routines, times of day & year along with individual needs for a holistic approach to a balanced life. Other interests include all things food, traveling & nature. 

RYT 200 / /

Megan Keels Smith


Yogi, mom, and social worker, I have always felt a calling to serve others.

I took my first yoga class ten years ago as I was looking for an effective way to deal with the stress and anxiety of graduate school. My weekly yoga classes became the one hour I felt completely relaxed and at ease.

After graduating, my love for travel and activism inspired me to volunteer with an organization in Delhi, India. At night, I would practice yoga at the Sivananda Yoga Center. Yoga classes again became my refuge from busy days in the crowded city.

Years later, burnt out from my desk job, I was eager to do something new. By divine intervention, I ended up at the Sivananda Ashram Yoga Retreat in Paradise Island, Bahamas.

For the next six months, I lived in the Sivananda Ashram and served over 2800 hours as a Karma Yogi, practicing selfless service. I enrolled in the Sivananda Yoga Teacher Training program, an immersive, month-long study into a yogic lifestyle, under the direction of Swamis and senior staff members of the International Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Center.

I love teaching yoga and sharing this ancient practice of peace with others. I strive to incorporate the philosophical and traditional elements of Yoga into each unique class while maintaining a lighthearted and inclusive presence for both new and experienced yogis.

Lydia Breault


In 2017, I began practicing yoga and immediately recognized the numerous healing benefits it has to offer. As someone who struggled with back pain from scoliosis, yoga was better than anything the doctor could have prescribed.  I quickly developed a passion to dive deeper and become a bigger part of the yoga community so I found a studio to start attending regular classes.  Soon after, I received my 200-hour Yoga Alliance certification under Kim Zegil.  Now, I am focused on learning more about the therapeutic side of yoga so I can pass that healing and happiness on to others. 

Kendall Small


Kendall Small, BA, CYT 200 began his yoga journey in 2016 as a way to find balance and peace during a trying time in his life. He was immediately drawn to the healing benefits yoga provides the body, mind and spirit which continues to drive his practice today. Kendall completed his 220hr Hatha Yoga Teacher Training December 2018. Kendall is also a certified Yin Yoga Teacher, Certified Teen Yoga Teacher and a Level 1 Certified Aerial Yoga Teacher. Additionally, Kendall is a Reiki Practitioner and holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Spanish Language. Kendall feels privileged to be able to guide students through practices connecting movement with breath, ultimately allowing them to cultivate the love and peace that resides within us all.  

Rayna Hervis


Movement has always been an essential part of Rayna’s life. When she danced, she felt a deep connection in mind, body, and spirit. Rayna’s main draw to yoga always revolved around spirituality, mental health, and accessibility for all. After moving to Charlotte, she completed her 200-hour training with Jaimis Huff as well as a 30-hour Accessible Yoga training. Rayna’s style is a nod to her dancing days, where rhythmic movements meet yogic breath. While movements drew Rayna in, it was the spiritual growth and sense of inner peace that kept her coming. Through her classes, Rayna hopes to provide a yoga practice – beyond the physical – to all individuals. 

Victoria Jackson


Victoria first discovered her love for barre several years ago as an outlet to a happier and healthier lifestyle.  Victoria found that barre was an hour of mindfulness and an escape from the stresses of everyday life.  Her Zen Barre class harnesses the focus of yoga, combined with the challenge of ballet and the intensity of Pilates.  She found that her practice has strengthened her body and her mind equally.  Victoria strives to connect with each and every student, creating a safe and comfortable community where people feel free to be challenged, take risks, and try new things.  Civtoria believes a workout should be fun and engaging for both the mind and the body.  She doesn't herself too seriously and her quirky sense of humor will keep the studio setting fun and light, who still pushing you to your limit.  Come to Victoria's class, you will have fun and get a fantastic workout!

Kat Harmon


200 hr E-RYT, 

Aerial Yoga Teacher

Kat is the quintessential urban yogi.  A professional dancer and fitness enthusiast throughout her life, she has brought new dimensions to her spiritual life and physical wellness through her personal experience with yoga.  She incorporates her down to earth spirit and inspirational teachings into every yoga class to create a challenging physical practice as well as an inspiring one so all practitioners live their best life.  Kat has expander her expertise through her training at the Circus Center of Boulder,CO as an Aerial Yoga Teacher and has started the premiere Aerial Yoga program in the North Charlotte area. 

Brittany Urbansky


 Brittany is a Medical Reiki Master and Holistic Herbalist who specializes in Energy medicine and Yoga science. She is 500hr+ experienced yoga teacher. She is affiliated with multiple chiropractors, mental health doctors and surgeons throughout Charlotte. Known for her authentic, non-judgmental teaching style and compassion-centered philosophy, she has dedicated herself to continuous philosophical education from various spiritual disciplines. Brittany sprinkles thought-provoking meditations throughout her classes, applying ancient wisdom to our modern western world in a useful and understandable way. She encourages growth of the physical, mental, emotional & spiritual self, reminding the inter-connectness to each other, to the world and to the universe at large. Brittany teaches a variety of different styles including the Hot 26+2, Beginners Ashtanga Primary, Long Slow Deep, Yin Yoga and Meditation.

Taylor Hartis


Taylor is no stranger to movement!  She began dance training at the age of 2 and for the last 6 years moved from dancer to instructor/choreographer.  During her dance years she experienced a back injury that prevented her from certain movements and made it difficult to  add strength to her body. Yoga was introduced to her and she instantly felt the improvement.  A gentler way to stay active, flexible and increase her strength was a positive result of her training. The classes led her to wanting more YOGA!  She has completed her concentrated Yoga certification with a 220 hour Hatha teacher training program and is certified aerial yoga.
Taylor hopes to share the experiences and knowledge she has gained throughout the certification process and help others find their love of yoga.  Her goals include helping others find strength, movement and physical improvement with the Joy of Yoga!

Melissa Bliss


Melissa, who also enjoys being called/going by "Bliss" has been teaching yoga since 2003. Having taught many different styles of yoga, her passion has become deep stretch.

Outside of teaching yoga, she teaches high school chemistry and loves working out. She enjoys playing soccer, swimming/water sports, & hiking with her husband and daughter. She has 2 cats currently & loves all animals.

Bliss really hopes to help others find inner peace, balance & space through yoga.

Kim Zegil


Kim is a mom of 3, a nurse in a past life, a teacher and avid student of yoga for the past 17 years, and a neuromuscular/energy-oriented bodyworker.  She tends to teach in a mindful yet light-hearted manner with an intention to keep bodies safe for a lifetime of practice.  Inside of flow there is always a reminder to come back to breath and to the concept of home that is our original purest form of spirit.