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Quest For Elevation

celebrates yoga in Color!

What is the Quest? 

A Quest for Elevation that is Grounded in Color. Each of the 7 colors of the rainbow is a level of the quest.  Conquering a level means you have:

  • Learned a sequence of 12 yoga poses that you are now ready to teach to others.
  • Accomplished fun and important tasks toward inner awareness and how to be your best self in the world.
  • Earned a bandana as a symbol of mastering this level with flying colors.

Where can I complete this?:

The Yoga Cove is an official Grounded Studio in the Charlotte/ Concord area! Students 5th-12th grade have two opportunities throughout the year to earn their Grounded in Color certification!! K - 4th grade Grounders will join the Quest through movement & music, activities, crafts, and games.  A community demonstration and family classes will be available for K-12 at the end of each session.

Why should I join this quest?  

This is a question all those about to begin a journey must ask of themselves. Consider our opinion. It takes work to find your most elevated self. We know that yoga is a super effective and enjoyable way to get there. If you want to understand how to:

  • ground when you feel unsettled
  • energize when feeling sluggish
  • focus when you are distracted
  • take the high road of responding instead of reacting impulsively to others who push your buttons
  • own your power and use it wisely

then join our global quest club and elevate yourself and others in your home community.

How do I complete the Quest?:

It's Easy! Register now online under the Grounded Kids tab.  Click Schedule/Enroll!  Questions? email:

How Much will it cost?:

Must enroll in the entire 12 week program.  1st session begins in September; 2nd session in January. Your student will receive:

  • Pose cards that are also postcards! Each pose is illustrated and includes detailed color infused instructions.
  • Take home craft projects
  • A gorgeous bandana to wear or display after demonstrating your questery of all 12 poses.


SPECIAL NEEDS :  Yoga and meditation, creativity and community come together and celebrate the Quest for Elevation for students with diverse and special needs.  Students will learn and create, move and breathe, and enjoy what yoga is all about!  Teachers are trained and certified to teach yoga to students with special needs not limited to Down Syndrome and Autism.  Parents will be asked to fill out an intake form prior to class and speak with the teacher for a brief interview so that all the needs of the child are met.  Parents will be invited for savasana at the end of every class.  Class may be co-taught. 

HOMESCHOOL: Calling all homeschoolers!  This is a great way to meet kids in the community! Check out the "Schedule/Enroll" tab for Homeschool Classes for ages K-12.  Classes follow the Grounded Kids teaching program and philosophy.  For more information check out the Q & A : Quest for Elevation tab or visit

Upon completion you will receive a certificate for Being Grounded in Color AND you become an official Diplomat of Peace and get to serve the planet. We will help you do so. That’s Elevation!  Students 7th-12th grade who complete the program will be considered for teacher assistant positions!

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The Quest for Elevation is a program using the 7 colors of the rainbow to learn not only yoga poses, but also mindfulness, connection, partner work, grounding, breath work, and more!  Students will even be prepared to teach these skills during the last class in front of family and friends!